Top Countries to hustle in and make money from for Africans

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In this article, we will be talking about countries that you can migrate to for economic prosperity, good job opportunities or improve the standard of your living condition, i.e, countries that you can migrate to or relocate to achieve this purpose. This write-up is targeted at youths in African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and many more seeking to travel to other countries in Europe.

This is meant for those that want to escape the hardship and poverty in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. The major reason why these youths are leaving their countries is that there are no job opportunities or economic prosperity in their country.

It is important to read about the countries you intend going or do some level of research so you don’t end up in the wrong country. Many Africans are stuck in certain countries due to their failure to research before deciding on the best county to migrate to.

nd you see how civilization survives is that the young people are more and because they are productive, and then they can fund the social security for the elderly. So the elderly are going to be getting a pension.

 The pension is going to be coming from the productivity of the younger people. And when the younger people get older, their children will form their pension. But when you have more old people and fewer young people, that civilization is threatened.

According to  Elon Musk,  in an interview contained in  Washington Post and The New York Times. He said, “The biggest risk to civilization is our birth rate.”. The birth rate in many countries is going down. So they’re going to need migrants. They’re going to need people to relocate there. You need to find out these countries and make your relocation to same.

Do certain countries need immigrants?

Unlike most African countries, on the other end of the scale, you have other countries like France. France has a low population fertility rate i.e. on average women in France have 1.87 children. Now, Frances population, if it continues that way, it’s going to start dropping. And you don’t want your population to drop.

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Countries to hustle and make money from for Africans

Here is a list of countries Nigerians, South Africans, Ghanaians, Tanzanians, Kenyans etc can African in general can migrate to hustle and make money from?


The first country is France with a fertility rate of 1.87 for women. Their GDP is growing at more than double their fertility rate. So obviously, they’re going to be needing migrants – economic migrants, people who can work, people who are not going to be a burden

New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is an Island. It is made up of the North Island and the South Island. English is one of the three official languages, besides Maori and New Zealand Sign Language. They generally welcome migrants. About one-third of its population are British expatriates.

With a GDP of over 200 billion dollars and a Per Capita Income of 38000 makes New Zealand a good destination.  New Zealand fertility rate is at 1.85. This figure is below the recommended fertility rate of 2.5. thus, its population is at risk if it fails to bring in more migrants or encourage its women to increase their birthrate.


The United Arab Emirate is a country in Asia, Western Asia precisely. Dubai is its capital, Despite the heavy growth in its GDP, the country has a very low fertility rate of 1.38 per woman. At this rate there is a cause for worry, thus the need for migrants.


 Denmark has a fertility rate of 1.7 per woman. So that’s below two. And it’s below the ideal  2.5. So their population, if they don’t allow migration is going to be going down. And that is a very bad sign for them. So obviously, they’re going to be welcoming migrants. It’s not because they’re going to be welcoming, but they’re going to be needing migrants.


 Iceland has a 1.7 fertility rate. And Iceland is one of the countries with the fastest growing GDP in the whole world. So Iceland will be needing migrants, economic migrants. You can work in the health sector, you can work in different sectors.


Sweden has a 1.7 fertility rate. So that means women are having an average of 1.7 children. That is not enough.  Sweden is a country that will need a massive influx of people.  Like, this is a country where their economic prosperity is being driven an influx of migrants. Now, they don’t just want anybody. They want economically viable people.

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  In Australia, the fertility rate is 1.6. Now, Australia is kind of unique in the sense that yes, they do want migrants, but they are very, very particular about the kind of migrants that they want. They often will want migrants. And not just Australia, New Zealand as well. They have strict requirements. But it’s a country that if you go there, you have a great chance of being economically prosperous.


The next country is Belgium. Belgium’s fertility rate is 1.5 per woman. So obviously, they’re going to be needing it because they have a very good GDP. Their GDP is good. It’s almost doubled their fatality rate. So there’s this need for highly skilled migrants.


 Estonia has extremely cold weather. You got to take that into account. But if you can tolerate the cold, it’s worth moving to. Their language is a bit tough to learn. They do understand some English. So Estonia is a good country. Estonia is one of the countries of the European Union that has a very, very highly growing gross domestic product. So if you can tolerate the language barrier and the cold, it’s a country to relocate or migrate to.

United Kingdom

And then you have the United Kingdom, which has a highly skilled migrant program.  So the United Kingdom is welcoming people that have a highly-skilled program when they’re welcoming people with skills that they need. And then it’s not just skilled at the very, very top, they’re also welcoming people with skills at the bottom – bus drivers.

Right now, they have a shortage of lorry drivers, delivery truck drivers etc. Because it’s an island. They get a lot of their food, a lot of their products from continental Europe and from elsewhere. So they need people who can drive trucks. And then also a big driver of migration to the United Kingdom is the health sector because of the ageing population.

The United States.

The United States has a fertility rate of 1.7.  The United States has a fertility rate of 1.7. And it’s not even balanced. Because the United States have different subgroups, different ethnic nationalities. Some of them have a very low fertility rate. Some of them have a very high fertility rate,  on average it’s 1.7. The United States is a country that needs population.  They do put some measures there, but their measures are quite reasonable, especially after the change in administration from a Republican administration to a Democratic administration.

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So Canada has a fertility rate of 1.4. And Canada’s economy is growing because they have a lot of oil. And so Canada is welcoming. Now, they do have strict guidelines, but when you meet their guidelines, they just give you them. All you need to come to their country. So it’s Canada as a country, I would recommend seriously.


The thing about Germany, though, is that they tend to get a lot of their migrants from Turkey. Now, the problem with that is that Turkey itself is now facing a similar problem to Germany. I mean, initially, Turkey didn’t have this problem. They had a fertility rate above 2.5. But now,  Turkey’s fertility rate has gone down below two. So on average, women are giving birth to less than two children.

It is quite understandable. When education rates go up, population or fertility rates go down. So traditionally, Germany gets a lot of their backgrounds from Turkey, because there was some kind of like cultural affinity, geographic affinity. But now, Turkey has issues of their own. So it’s a country in need of. I was in Germany I think it was about six weeks ago. And I mean, there are a lot of migrants in Germany from Africa, from Asia. A lot of migrants are filling in vital positions. And they need more.


Then Ireland. The fertility rate of Ireland is 1.7. And Ireland needs more.


In Norway, the fertility rate is 1.5. And their GDP in Norway is very, very high. Why? Because like Canada, they’ve got large oil and gas reserves. And they also have a very good manufacturing sector.


Switzerland facility rate is 1.4. And then the GDP which is more than double that. So obviously they do need a lot of migrants.

 Some countries that are put above others, even have a lower fertility rate, but yet I don’t even mention them. Why? Because you don’t want to just go to a country with a low fertility rate. You want to go to a country with a low fertility rate and also a high GDP. So that means that the conditions are very, very conducive for migrants.

What do you make of this list of countries to migrate to? We will be happy you share your experience advice or recommendations in the comment section below.

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