Why you should not date or marry a yahoo boy

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The term yahoo boy is a common slang in Nigeria used to refer to those who are involved in internet scams. The increase in internet scams or yahoo yahoo as it may be referred has somewhat become a normal trend among youths. It has become a trade and full-time occupation by others. Another term for describing these scammers is yahoo plus which involves the use of fetish, voodoo or occultic practices.

In a society with little or no regard for the dignity of labour, internet scammers have become the cynosure of many – youths, men, women, boys and girls look at this category of people with admiration while many even openly express their desire to marry or date this group of people. Worse of it, musical artists and celebrities have openly endorsed yahoo plus i.e. internet scammers in their songs and arts.

Internet scammers or Yahoo boys have earned the envy of many owing to their lifestyle. They are usually seen at a very young age flaunting expensive houses, cars, wears etc. Given the economy and poverty rate in Nigeria, this lifestyle is a big deal.

Parents, friends and relations have even gone to the extent of encouraging each other to indulge in internet scams. Getting married to a yahoo yahoo boy or internet fraudster has become normalised. Some ladies go into this dating or marrying a Yahoo boys knowingly or unknowingly.

This article will explore some reasons why you should not date or marry Yahoo boys (Internet scammers)

Why you should not date or marry a Yahoo boy

Endangering yourself

Some girls go into dating a guy without knowing the exact source of their wealth. You put yourself at the risk of being used for ritual purposes. It may not be in the immediate but in the long run, a Yahoo plus guy may be forced into using you to achieve his insatiable desire to get more wealth.
Unrealistic and unsustainable lifestyle

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Yahoo boys often have a particular lifestyle which would rub off on you as the wife or girlfriend. This lifestyle includes showing off expensive items, clubbing etc. Sustaining such a lifestyle becomes a challenge for the wife or girlfriend the moment the relationship or marriage ends especially after the girl must have developed a taste for a lifestyle that is not sustainable or unrealistic given her status before meeting the girlfriend or wife.
As a wife or girlfriend, what will be your next cause of action if you find yourself in this scenario?

Risks of substance abuse

You stand the risk of going into drugs. It is no surprise that most Yahoo boys are into the abuse of drugs and alcohol. If you are not into this as a girlfriend or wife of a Yahoo boy there is a good possibility of you abusing these substances either passively or actively even on a later date.

Crossing the line with the security of officers

As a girlfriend or wife of a Yahoo buy, you are walking in a tight robe with the officers of the law. Law enforcement agencies are always on the lookout for internet fraudsters and there is a possibility of being caught one of these days by the FBI, EFCC, ICPC or the Nigerian Police Force.

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You will live with a taste of what they offer others

If you must date or marry a yahoo boy then be ready to have a taste of the poison that served others. Yahoo boys build their wealth practically by being dishonest. They deceitfully swindle their victim by telling lies.
This inadvertently becomes a part of their lives. If you expect them to be honest with you while being dishonest with others then you’ve refused to see the reality. These lots live in lies and if you intend to date or marry any of these Yahoo boys then you should be ready to live with a taste of this deceit.

Financial and economic insecurity

Ladies date and marry internet fraudsters because of money but ignorantly they may be running into this very problem they are running away from. Your finances and means of livelihood are not secure. Unlike every every decent job comes that with some level of security, internet scams don’t have any form of job security.

The moment the supposed victims can detect the latest methods these fraudsters use for scams their financial existence comes under threat. Thus, every moment they are on the lookout for new techniques for carrying out their plots. There is no assurance they will always succeed in scamming their prospective victims.

You are very replaceable

Another reason not to marry or date a yahoo boy is, The chances of you being replaced are very high. Yes, you are perceived to be very replaceable. The average Yahoo boy or internet scammer has this feeling of insecurity that you are dating them because of the money they have and are willing to spend on you not necessarily because of the love you have towards them.

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In most cases, they are right.
Most of the woman that date or marry this group of men does it for a monetary reason. the financial benefit is the motivating factor. Yahoo boys in turn do not see any big deal to replace you if they feel like it.

Scares away future suitors

It is advisable not to date or marry a yahoo boy because it raises questions about your kind of person to potential suitors. Perhaps your previous relationship or marriage is well known to a potential suitor it becomes a source of concern whether or not to go ahead with having any form of relationship with you.

Intending suitors may feel you are being materialistic to have been able to date or marry a Yahoo boy. They may also feel they wouldn’t be able to fund your new lifestyle given the fact you may not appreciate their little efforts compared to how your former spouse treats you.

In conclusion, in the eyes of the law, you will be seen as an accomplice for dating or getting married to a Yahoo boy. It is important to weigh the risks and decide if it is worth taking

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