What to consider when relocating to another country

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There are certain things or factors that you must consider if you want to have a nice experience relocating to other countries. It is important to bring in certain factors before you make a decision on the country you intend to move to. This article is an expository of such factors.

A lot of people are stuck in the country countries because they failed to carry out the necessary research on the ideal country to move to.

This write-up is built on the basis that Africans want to leave their countries not just as a tourist but as those seeking alternative methods to make more money and better their life.

What to consider when relocating to another country

The factors to consider before relocating to another country include:

Gross domestic product of the country (the GDP) and per capita income

To determine the right country you will need to rely on the data on the Gross Domestic Product of the country (the GDP),  Per Capita Income, and then the need for migrants in that country.

If a country has a high Per Capita Income is an indicator that the country is economically viable. You are likely to earn high daily, hourly, weekly or monthly income working in of these countries.

Inversely, a country with a low Per Capita Income is not going to be easy to make a fortune from such country. Such countries are basely surviving thus, is not a good idea to go into such countries.

 Fertility rate vs the need for migrant

Another factor to look out for before choosing a country to move to is if there’s a need for migrants in that country.

To do this, you look at the fertility rate. On average, the fertility rate of a country should be above 2.5. By implication what does that mean? It means that, on average, a woman should have at least 2.5 children. That way, you can sustain the population of such.

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Otherwise, the population is not going down. You will be sustaining the population of the country if it is on that average at least. If the average is below 2.5 then is an indicator that such a country will need likely welcome migrants. The process of migrating will be less tedious.

So if a woman has 2.5 Children on average, that means that you have a father, you have a mother, and they have 2.5 children. The population rate is going to be stable. Why 2.5? Why not just two? Because, as a mother and a father, if you want to sustain the population, you should be two. Well, the thing is not every child that is born reaches adulthood. A lot of children die at birth or before they’re five years old. So it’s safer to have 2.5 children.

Now, here’s the thing. A lot of countries that have growing GDPs, that are economically stable, that have a high Per Capita Income, have very low fertility rates. They’ve got very low fertility rates. Now, when you talk about a low fertility rate, it has to be below two. So that means on average, women are having less than two children.

So if you look at it now, the top 10 countries with the highest population growth rates in the whole world are in Africa. And these are very poor countries. On the top is the Niger Republic. It shares a border with Nigeria. They have the highest fertility rate in the whole world.

 It’s very high. It’s above 5.5. That means, on average, women have almost six children. Now, other countries like Somalia, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, are also countries with very high fertility rates, and they have very, very low economic activity. Their GDP is low. Their Per Capita Income is also very low.

Language and cultural background

Another thing to consider when relocating to another country is their language and cultural background. You can not live in isolation if you relocate to another country. It is important to find out the land that is commonly used by the country to are relocating to. You will need to know if it is the kind of language you can communicate with them in.

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If you don’t understand their language you will have to start learning the basics of the country’s language before moving to the country or consider changing the country you want to migrate to.

It is also important to understand the culture of the people. Have an idea about how they greet, do business, worship etc. This will enable you to be able to easily integrate into society. By doing this you can find out the values of the community and whether you can cope with it or not.


The next thing to consider when relocating to another country is to find out the type of visas they will be willing to give you and if you will be okay with such visa. Some countries may not be willing to give a permanent visa while others may prefer only tourists.

So do your research and possibly contact those that may have passed through the same process to find out if they are offering you what you want.

Your profession or skill

In addition what to these factors to consider when relocating to another country, You will need to find out your chances of getting employed in the country you intend to move to. Some countries have employment opportunities for specific groups of people with certain skills or professions while they may not be able to provide such to people with different skills and professions.

Some skills that are known to be in high demand by countries usually are in the area of medicine, sciences, and Information Technology. Acquiring any of these skills will help to fast track the process of visa processing and approval.

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There are still demand for other professions and skill but may not be in high demand compared to those mentioned above.


Another factor to consider in choosing where to relocate to is the weather condition of a country. The weather can determine if you can stay in such a country or not.

Oftentimes, it is better to only visit the country you intend staying to find out if you can cope living in such a country before deciding if you will be staying permanently.

It will be easy to move to a country with similar atmospheric conditions. However, moving to another country with a vast difference from another country you want to live in can be discouraging. People have relocated from one country to another on the basis of weather conditions.

Family and friends

Sometimes in life, we may not be able to do without family and friends. Some people grow homesick staying away from their family and friends just for a couple of days.

You have to know the kind of person you are to decide if you can stay without your family and friends. Some go ahead and make provisions to go along with family and friends while relocating.

Try to involve your loved ones in making such decisions. They should be carried along. Get their opinion about the country you intend to go to and whether they are fine staying back or going with you as the case may be.


Safty in this aspect is all-encompassing. However, there are certain countries that are known to be hostile to foreigners. In such a situation, you may have to take extra measures to ensure your safety.

Besides not wanting to be entangled in migrant versus immigrant tension, you may also watch out general safety and stability of the country you intend to go to. You have to take note of cases of theft, robbery, kidnapping etc

If there are cases of insecurity in the country you intend to go to, consider looking out for safe region or cities where there are less incidence of such vices.

In conclusion, these are some of the factors to consider before deciding on the country to move. These list of factors are not exhaustible. 

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