How political parties select their candidates for election

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litical parties adopt certain methods to select the candidate that will represent the party against other candidates in an election. This methods varies and can depends on various factors. Factors such as size of the party, constitution of the party, regulations and rules made by the electoral body could also play a part in the process by which political parties select their candidates for election to public office.

These candidates are more like representatives of the political party. The first step to selecting candidates for party id drawn from the registered members of the political parties. In some cases, the political parties may have certain rules that qualifies a candidate selection. Such rules may include how long a candidate has been member of the party, contributed in the growth of the party, payment of dues etc.

If these above conditions has been met then the political party can proceed to the process of selection choosing a candidate to represent her in an election.

ways political parties select their candidates for election into public office

There are two basic ways political parties select the candidates that will contest elections using their party platform, these are

  • Party Primaries
  • General Consensus

Party primaries

In the primaries, the party members vote in for the candidates they want to represent in the general election. Those that contest these primaries must have been nominated other party members. An individual may decide to purchase to contest for any desired position purchasing the necessary form.

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General consensus

In the cases of general consensus, there is no need for primaries instead the party members unanimously agreed to select a candidate to represent them for a specific position.

A political campaign seeks to influence the decision making progress within a specific group and the message of the campaign contains the ideas that the candidate wants to share with the voters. The party and the candidate engage in these exercises as a way of projecting the candidates to the electorate in other to have win them over supporters.

After meeting the requirements, nominations the party then the main political campaign starts.

The main political campaign tool for winning an election is communication. Communicating the value, benefits, solutions to the economic and masses challenges, telling the voters how you want to solve their problems, what you stand for and why you are the best candidate for the position you are campaigning for etc.

However, the masses have to be aware of the candidate to vote for, its pedigree, what he can do for them if elected and then any other thing will follow. In contesting for any political positions in Nigeria, aspirants go ahead to erect Billboards, posters, flyers, banners, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts as well as moving around to different locations to create awareness and seek the masses’ support.

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