How to get urgent loan without documentation in Nigeria

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Sometimes unexpected emergencies come up that may require us to make expenses. In such situations, we may need money quickly to address such unplanned needs. This article explores some ways you can access cash quickly without documentation or collateral.

Money making may not be an easy task to do, sometimes before the month runs out we might run out of cash and need money for a variety of things, especially if one is a salary owner.

The idea of borrowing money on loans isn’t a new concept in Nigeria, as considering the economic state of the country not so many people wait on their salary before paying bills.

Mobile Apps You Can Get Urgent Loans With No Documentation / Collateral In Nigeria

  • FairMoney
  • QuickCheck
  • Palmcredit
  • Paylater
  • Branch
  • Renmoney
  • OKash
  • Xcrosscash
  • GTWorld
  • Renmoney

However, the idea of borrowing money is met with a lot of processes and bureaucracy as most banks will like to account for proper documentation and collateral so that in a situation where the borrower absconds with the money, someone or certain objects will be held accountable.

Collaterals could come in the form of a house, a car, or even a thing worth value to the borrower. However, personal loans have taken on a new dimension, with a few service providers now offering collateral-free loans without the requirement for evidence of employment or even a trip to the bank for documentation.

There are various ways one can borrow money in Nigeria right now without having to take a trip to the bank to sign some long documents and without having to lose some priceless possessions.

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There are various apps in existence right now that offer these services of borrowing loan to a person without asking for collateral or too many documents, all you need to do is to sign up and register on the app, however, it is pertinent to highlight some of the most simple apps available so one won’t fall scam for these loan apps.  

get loan

How To Get Urgent Loan With No Collateral And Documentation in Nigeria


Requirements: Valid bank account information and BVN

Android and iOS platforms

Interest rates range from 5% to 30%, depending on creditworthiness.

Duration of loan: 15 days to 6 months

Taking out multiple loans at once: No

Debit cards, Quickteller, and direct transfers are all options for payment.

All you need is an Android or iPhone device, an Internet connection, and valid bank information to apply for a personal loan from Carbon. Carbon provides individuals with a larger credit limit if they pay on time. When a loan is repaid before the due date, users receive a partial interest refund. On the first loan, there is a $100 validation fee.

Aella Credit

Valid bank details, BVN, and employer registration are required (for in-network loans)

Android and iOS platforms

Out of network loan interest rates range from 20% to 27%.

Loan duration: one month

Taking out multiple loans at once: No

Payment method(s): Visa debit card

Aella Credit offers two types of services: in-network (for users whose companies are registered on the platform) and out-of-network (for those whose companies are not registered). In-network loans offer larger loan amounts at reduced interest rates.

The details of your next of kin are asked as part of the registration procedure, and there is a $30 processing fee. Remember to observe security measures while accessing these services

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Quick credit

QuickCredit comes in third on our list of no-documentation urgent loans in Nigeria. It’s a straightforward, technologically implemented loan software that provides immediate cash. The platform offers short-term microloans to help meet and cover unanticipated emergency expenses and financial shortages. Getting a loan with QuickCredit is a simple process; you can apply for up to $100,000 with loan terms of up to 90 days and receive fast cash in your bank account in minutes.

Quick Credit’s super-fast loan solution requires no documentation and is available within 24 hours to satisfy your immediate financial demands.


ALAT Wema ranks fourth on our list of no-documentation urgent loans in Nigeria, providing fast cash without the need for papers or collateral. All Alat clients can apply for loans through the Alat App or the website.

You can now apply for a rapid loan without collateral or documentation, with no need to visit a physical location, and with a response time of minutes between acceptance of the offer and loan payout. You can now borrow up to N2,000,000 (two million naira) without putting up any security.

These are just a few of the numerous loan apps that give out loans without the need for collateral and documentation, there is the Ren money app, Fair money, palmcredit,Quick check and the procedures for procuring loans from all these loan apps is pretty much the same, all it takes is a download from the app store or Google play store to gain access to it.

It is also worthy to note, that as a result of Fintech companies dominating the lending industry, traditional banks have also decided to change the narrative moving forward to lending borrowers money too without collateral. A few of these traditional banks will be mentioned

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Other Methods You Can Use To Access Quick Loans With No Collateral And Documentation

First City Monument Bank [FCMB] Limited

Regarded as one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria, FCMB continues to deliver exceptional services to its customers. FCMB provides the following loans without collateral:

  • Auto Loan
  • Salary Top-Up Loan
  • Fastcash Loan
  • Premium Salary Loan
  • Salary Supplemental Loan for Auto Loans
  • Premium Salary Loan Fastcash Loan

The FCMB FastCash Loan is an instant loan that can be accessed without collateral using the USSD code *329#. You can check out this post for other USSD codes for loans in Nigeria.

You can read about FCMB here. FCMB continues to provide great services to its customers as one of Nigeria’s premier financial institutions. FCMB offers the following no-collateral loans:


Operating a Salary Current or Savings Account makes it easier to obtain a loan without collateral from WEMA Bank. The maximum loan amount is seven multiples of net monthly salary, subject to a maximum of N2 million.

The Wema loan operates a 48-hour loan disbursement and is only available to confirmed employees.

Stanbic IBTC

The subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group is yet another Nigerian bank offering business and personal loans. This is one of the banks that will grant you a loan in Nigeria without a salary account. The terms are based on repayment of between one to five years. Within this period, payment is made in monthly iiiinstallmeiiniinstal

Other Banks that give out loans without collateral are Access, Guaranty trust bank, United Bank for Africa etc.


We urge that you do your investigation before applying for a bank loan. Apart from the information we’ve supplied, you should monitor these banks to see which platform best matches your needs.

In addition, you can compare loan offers from other lenders in minutes to make the best-informed selections possible when applying for a loan. Finally, various bank loans such as the Union Bank loan and the Jaiz bank loan are available.

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