How to join a political party in Nigeria 2023

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Joining a political party is one of the processes of promoting the democracy of a country. It is also within the right of every qualified citizen of country to seek to join any political party for the realization of his or her political political ambition. This article will explore some of the processes or stages an individual can take to join a political party of their choice.

How to join a political party

  • Ensure you are at least 18 years or above. Those below the age of 18 are considered illegal to participate in politics
  • Choose the political party you intend to join. There are currently at least 20 registered political parties in Nigeria. Some parties are easier to join because they have nationwide coverage and are thus easily accessible while other others are only cluttered in certain regions
  • The next step to joining a political party in Nigeria is, after deciding on the party visit the party headquarters or the closest party ward. You can find the party nearest ward surfing through the part website. They usually have there addresses and contacts
  • Next step, upon reaching the ward enquire about the secretary. The secretary will inform you of the cost and necessary documents you may need to go ahead with joining the party of your dream. You will also be presented with a form that you will need to fill.
  • After completing your documentation with the secretary your fill will be presented to the ward executives who will make the final decision and registration of the membership of the party.
  • You will be presented with a membership card. This automatically qualified you as member of the party.
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Registered political parties you can join in Nigeria

S/No.Name of Political PartyAcronym
1.All Blending PartyABP
2.All Grassroots AllianceAGA
3.Alliance for New NigeriaANN
4.Abundant Nigeria Renewal PartyANRP
5.Coalition for ChangeC4C
6.Freedom and Justice PartyFJP
7Grassroots Development Party of NigeriaGDPN
8.Justice Must Prevail PartyJMPP
9.Legacy Party of NigeriaLPN
10Mass Action Joint AllianceMAJA
11.Modern Democratic PartyMDP
12National Interest PartyNIP
13.National Rescue MissionNRM
14.New Progressive MovementNPM
15.Nigeria Democratic Congress PartyNDCP
16.People’s Alliance for National Development and LibertyPANDEL
17.People’s TrustPT
18.Providence People’s CongressPPC
19.Re-Build Nigeria PartyRBNP
20.Restoration Party of NigeriaRP
21.Sustainable National PartySNP

In conclusion, these are the simple processes toward joining a political party. This processes is similar to other European and African countries with only slight variations. Joining a political party gives you an opportunity to contribute in the development and group of your country

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