How To Monetize Your Podcast in Africa – Simple Steps

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There are simple steps audio makers can adopt to make money from their podcast. In this article, we will outline some of the methods you can use and make money from your audio clips even in Africa.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are topics, views or shows that are in audio files that you can be download, explore and/or listen to in your spare time. They are usually stored or accessible via audio platforms such as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast etc.

Who Can Make Podcasts?

Originally, podcasts were used by individuals to pass their message to a huge number of people with similar interests and build a community of same. Presently, podcasts can be made by

  • individuals
  • podcast-only network
  • TV Networks
  • churches
  • comedians
  • storytellers

Qualities Of A Good Podcast: What Makes A Podcast Marketable?

  • Work with good equipment to sound clear
  • Know what you are talking about
  • Be authentic
  • Gradually build your audience
  • If possible, have two host
  • Make sure its enjoyable and interesting
  • Engage with your fans
  • Stay consistent with your podcast production

Here Are Some Methods You Can Use To Monitize Your Podcast

Podcast Sponsorships:

Famous audio clip producers like Entrepreneur on Fire, The Art of Charm and the $100 MBA show make a huge income – every month – through sponsorships. With the CPM (cost per impression) model, your show will get:

 $15-$20 for 1,000 downloads for a 15–second pre-roll or $20-$30 per 1,000 downloads for a 60–second mid-roll slot

If your web recording gets 3,000 downloads per scene, you’ll get $50-60 briefly pre–roll and $70-$80 for a mid-roll space.

“This could assist with covering a portion of your podcasting costs,” says Yann Ilunga, coordinator of the Podcast Success Summit, the biggest advanced gathering about podcasting. “New podcasters specifically centre around downloads and landing supports, yet there are various ways of benefitting from a webcast – regardless of whether you have a “little crowd.”


Some may not think about connections as a productive component inside the podcasting scene. Ilunga, in any case, clashes. “Whether or not you’re facilitating a meeting based digital recording or not, connections are an extremely amazing component in webcast, very much like in business,” he says.

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“In the wake of meeting a few top podcasters, I can say that systems administration is the main motivation behind why numerous business people, advertisers, creators and mentors choose to begin a webcast.”

When searching for visitors to meet, don’t zero in only on their status, however, ponder your business. “Many hosts need to meet A–listers on their shows, and there is nothing terrible with that,” says Jessica Rhodes of Rhodes to Success. “However, contemplate your business. Rather than pursuing visitors due to their status, be vital and attempt to talk with individuals who you might work together and really work with.”

Increase the sales of products and services

Prior to pursuing backers, investigate the items and administrations your business is selling as of now. Is your item pertinent to individuals who check out your show many scenes, after a long time after week? On the off chance that the appropriate response is indeed, consider ways you can deliberately use your webcast to build deals.

A select markdown for your crowd could add to an increment in deals. Keep in mind, your being in your audience members’ earbuds is an incredible manner to construct authority and support the “know, as and trust” factor. You’re constructing that component with your show, so don’t be hesitant to advance your items and administrations or proposition selective limits, expecting they are pertinent to your crowd.

Begin checking out your show in a more essential manner and consider it an advertising device that can assist you with transforming audience members into supporters, and transform possibilities into paying clients.


Once more, consider ways you can transform audience members into supporters first. Do you offer a free 30-minute meeting? Why not influence your web recording and welcome individuals to pursue it?

In Booked, top of the line writer Josh Turner talked about an arrangement setting framework that forms around web-based media. Is it true that you are a business mentor with a digital recording? You might need to consider a comparative methodology that, rather than online media, spins around your show.

In the event that free conferences aren’t important for your instructing strategy, think about elite limits for your crowd.

Affiliate Marketing

Member showcasing is a choice to consider, particularly if your show is somewhat specialized and regularly includes you referencing assets. “During a new meeting The Audacity to Podcast have Daniel J. Lewis shared the way that partner commissions permit him to create a decent pay from his webcast,” Ilunga reviewed.

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No doubt, the majority of your own webcast content is evergreen. This implies that the data you shared yesterday is as yet significant today and will be important throughout the following months and a long time.

This implies that, as your show develops, you might actually create automated revenue – through offshoot advertising – by podcasting.

Books and Audio-books

As a podcaster, you go through hours making high-esteem content, which you part with free of charge. Individuals tune in, get exhortation and have the choice of applying it to their business. In “3 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Be Addressing in Q2,” I discussed repurposed content as an incredible substance advertising practice.

Who says that you can’t make a difference repurposed content to your digital broadcast to bring in cash?

Hack the Entrepreneur have Jon Nastor is an incredible illustration of a podcaster who repurposed part of his substance and made an item individuals pay for: a book. To compose his book, he basically took a few important points from the meetings he facilitated on that digital broadcast and consolidated them with spic and span content.

Crowd Funding

At times, you might think about requesting your local area’s commitment. A crowdfunding stage like Patreon permits you to get your crowd’s help as promises. “Noah Lugeons, for example, is making $1,200 a scene,” clarifies Brian Kane, a.k.a. “The Real Brian, host of Profit cast. “There are a few parts that go into effective crowdfunding; however, podcasters must comprehend that there are ways of benefitting from your show past the conventional CPM sponsorship model.”

Virtual Summits

Digital broadcasts and connections can likewise transform into a financial business opportunity, as virtual highest points. Navid Moazzez, author of The Branding Summit, and Yann Ilunga with his Podcast Success Summit are instances of podcasters who utilized their shows to construct connections and afterwards utilized those to assemble world-driving computerized gatherings.

With the Branding Summit, Moazzez produced $20,000 in deals and expanded his email list by 3,000 endorsers.

Adds Llung: “Would you say you are a podcaster who might want to coordinate the biggest virtual culmination in your industry? Tap into the associations you made through your digital broadcast – that is the manner by which I did it, and figured out how to assemble an occasion that highlights more than 80 master speakers. I utilized the connections I had worked through interviews for my webcast.”

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