Meaning Of Osipa in Edo, Nigeria

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Osipa is a Benin word, in Edo state, Nigeria. It is a term that has its origin in the ancient Benin custom and tradition. Osipa is used to describe a traditional way of greeting by the native people of Edo state.

Osipa as a way of greeting is usually carried out a younger person to an older person as a way of showing homage or respect to an elderly person.

In this way of greeting, the younger person prostrate only party by his or her side while the elder maybe decide to place his or her hand on the waist or back of the younger adult as a way of showing acceptance, blessings or acknowledgement of the greeting.

However, Osipa in recent time is believed to be a form of greeting only for a married man by her husband. This is because it is believed the placing of hands on the wait or back of the woman carrying out this greeting can be perceived to be sensitive.

Thus, the notion such greetings are meant for married couples or close family members.

Osipa can also be translated to mean “my husband put your hands in my waist.”

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