Poultry farm business: finding day-old- chicks and feeds in Lagos

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The technique of producing different domestic birds, such as chickens, turkeys, emus, ducks, geese, and others, for eggs or meat, is known as poultry farming. This has been a typical practice in Nigeria for so long that it has turned into a necessary component of the farming and agricultural system.

Poultry farming and business demand a lot of knowledge, even training. Having money alone is not enough. A lot of people without the knowledge have lost millions after venturing into this business. 

Before one ventures into this business, one will need oversight of how the poultry business is run in Nigeria. Due to rising urbanization and population, the demand for livestock products, notably poultry, is rapidly increasing in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

Is poultry farming profitable?

In Nigeria for example, poultry farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business ventures. There is so much money in poultry farming. According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Nigeria has the highest chicken egg production in Africa and the second highest chicken production in Africa.

Lagos state remains the most commercialized state in Nigeria and provide a huge market for those planning to venture into poultry farm business.

There is still demand for poultry products in other European countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, and France likewise in the south and North American Countries so the market is boundless.

Nigeria produces the most eggs in Africa, followed South Africa, in terms of market size. Nigeria banned the importing of chicken (apart from day-old chicks) in 2003, which increased indigenous poultry output. The poultry industry in Nigeria is incredibly fragmented, with the majority of the chicken being raised in “backyards” or on farms with fewer than 1,000 chickens.

In the same report, despite the high production of chicken and egg, only about thirty per cent of the demand for these products is only being met. This amplifies the market opportunity that is still available in the poultry business. There is a lot of profit to be made from this sector of agribusiness. 

One of the agricultural industry’s fastest-growing sectors in Nigeria is poultry farming. Nigeria’s poultry sector is estimated to be worth approximately N1.2 trillion as of 2017 ThisDay Newspaper. This boost in poultry was occasioned the ban on the importation of frozen foods the federal government.

As long as you have enough space in your home to accommodate the desired number of birds, you may get started with little capital.  It is seen as one of the most lucrative, delicate and tricky businesses to go into.  

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Prices and where to find day old chicks and feeds in Lagos

The first challenge to starting a poultry farm business in Lagos, Nigeria is where to source for day old chickens at the prices. Here are some of the places you can find chicken feeds and day old chickens:

  • TAK poultry, Aiyedoto Poultry Estate, Agric, Ojo, Lagos
  • Emerald farms, Lekki, Lagos
  • Choices Farm, Iyana School, Lagos
  • Chi Farms Limited, Ilupeju Industrial Layout
  • Ver Tee Square Poultry, Shomolu, Lagos
  • Samtech poultry farm etc

Day old chicken are usually sold in carton. Each carton contains between 50 and 52 chickens.

  • Boilers (Day Old Chickens) between 20,000 and 23500 naira only.

Best Profitable poultry chicken breed for business 

Knowing the right or best breed of domestic birds or chicken to raise while venturing into the poultry business can save you a lot of money, time and resources. Before venturing into this line of business it is important to know the right type of chicken to raise in other to make the best from this poultry farming. 

The best poultry chicken breed to choose for business is unique and depends on a business per business basis. What applies to one poultry farmer may not apply to another poultry farmer. Before venturing into the poultry business some of the factors to consider before choosing the right bird or chicken breeds depend on several factors, including your location, market demand, and personal preferences.

Some popular breeds for commercial poultry farming include:

Broiler chickens – These chickens are specifically bred for meat production and grow quickly, reaching market weight in just 6-7 weeks. That is, in roughly about two months it will be ready for sale.

Some of the best-growing chickens in this category include:

  • Chicken Cross
  • Jersey Giant
  • Red Broilers

Layer chickens – These chickens are bred for egg production and can lay an average of 300-320 eggs per year.

Some of the best chicken breeds for those mainly interested in birds that lay eggs include:

  • Hybrid
  • Rhodes Island Red
  • Leghorn

Dual-purpose chickens – These chickens are a combination of broiler and layer breeds and are suitable for both meat and egg production. 

Plymouth Rock – This breed is a good dual-purpose chicken and is known for its hardiness and strong egg production.

Sussex – This breed is a hardy, dual-purpose chicken that is well-suited for both meat and egg production.

It’s important to research the specific needs and requirements of the breeds you are interested in.

A step-by-step analysis of how to start a successful poultry farming business.

Choose The Type Of Poultry Bird To Rear 

It’s critical to have a firm understanding of the breeds of fowl to raise before starting your poultry farming business (most importantly for poultry breeds that lay a lot of eggs). Aside from chickens raised locally, there are currently two main breeds that are popular among poultry farmers. Young males and females reared for meat are called broilers. In just six weeks, they go from a hatch weight of 40 g to a weight of roughly 1.5 to 2 kg.

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Hens that are employed as layers are slaughtered later for their meat. From the age of one day, layer chickens are grown. At the age of 18 to 19 weeks, they begin laying eggs, and they continue.

Cockerels: Just like broilers, cockerels are also for meat production and have a special market demand but then, but their growth is very slow, unlike broilers they grow very fast. Cockerels can survive in many environments.

Pick an appropriate farm location or site

The location of your poultry farm is crucial to the success of your enterprise. You need a good a farm location to start poultry business. The number of birds you plan to raise should be taken into account while determining the size of the poultry farmland. 

You may still decide to start on a small scale. That is , in the environment you stay. You can reconstruct an abandoned room or construct a wooden stall for this purpose.

It’s usually advisable to start small if you have adequate areas in your backyard and you can’t afford to move to a new location. You can start with what you have, but as soon as you can afford it you may move elsewhere.

A decent location for a chicken farm should be away from the noise and bustle of the city. The environment should be serene and devoid of pollutants. The farm must have enough fresh, clean drinking water and secured

Provide the birds with suitable housing and shelter.

After acquiring a farm property, housing is a crucial component of poultry farming. For the security and survival of your commercial poultry birds, suitable poultry housing is essential.

 The poultry breeds and farming techniques have a direct impact on the housing system you select. According to numerous sorts of chicken growing techniques, housing design differs.

Broilers being the most profitable breed of chicken rare are highly susceptible to the kind of environment you keep. They easily contract the disease if kept in a dirty environment.

For day old chicken (DOC), brooding should only be carried out when the atmosphere appears to be too cold and should only be for a few days. especially in Nigeria climate that is not so cold. Brooding is the process of providing the chicks with an optimum temperature in the environment. They should be kept close together for the first six days

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The first two weeks for birds are very important as it determines the success or failure of this business. The brooding can be done using; Charcoal / Kerosene Stove, Gas Cooker or Electricity

The new habitat should be sufficiently roomy to allow the birds to run about freely. To reduce the risk of flooding, shelters must be raised sufficiently. The area should be large enough to allow the birds to run about freely. The shelter must also provide sufficient ventilation and sun protection.

Avoid the use of sawdust for the flooring. Some of these birds sometimes mistake the saw duct for food. Saw dust are dangerous to chicken. Instead, you can use wood shavings. They can not pick wood shavings. For the day-old chicks, it is good to spread newspapers or cartons on the floor for a period of time.

Feeding and medicating the poultry birds

Feeding and medication, constitutes the bio-security of the chickens. An essential component of commercial poultry production is high-quality, nutrient-dense feed. The bird is always healthy and very prolific thanks to high-quality and organized nutrition. Always keep the feed dry and clean because tainted feed might infect chickens. 

The chickens should be provided with vitamins and some minor antibiotics to keep them healthy. These should be accompanied necessary vaccination. Failure to put these things in place could cause you the loss of these birds within a few days. 

The secret to being successful in the chicken farming industry is providing fresh, wholesome food. Your birds won’t be without water. Their growth may be hampered insufficient water supply.

Numerous chicken diseases can be avoided with the right treatment and vaccinations. As a commercial poultry farmer, you must have access to a veterinarian who can examine your birds as needed. Numerous common drugs and immunizations contribute to your poultry’s health.

Marketability Of poultry farm products

Every poultry farmer wants to have successful sales following each crop since poultry farming is a lucrative industry. Consequently, you must focus on the sales and marketing aspects of your company. Avoid focusing on the operational side of your organization to the point where you neglect the sales side.

But you can use the following suggestions to market and sell your chicken: go online, sell to hotels and restaurants, advertise your goods, hire marketers, deliver to customers’ homes, etc. In poultry, you have to do your cost analysis to be able to determine how much you will sell each of these chickens. You will need to take note of expenses from your day old, transportation, feed, vaccination etc

In conclusion, commercial poultry farming in Nigeria offers excellent business opportunities for entrepreneurs and can be a fantastic source of employment for unemployed people. The most common business strategy is to raise day-old chicks and sell them to farmers since it is simpler and less dangerous. But the decision is ultimately up to you.

As a business owner, you must establish your company’s finances correctly from the start. Platforms like our online invoicing software, which makes it simple for you to keep accurate records of your sales and expenses, are at the core of these promising business opportunities in poultry farming.

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