Things you could do after secondary school

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This article highlights and explains some things secondary school leavers can do next after their secondary school examinations such as WAEC, GSCE and NECO. That is, things they could do to whirl away time while waiting for admission into Higher institutions of learning.

There is a likelihood for most students to stay idle after secondary school. This would have a negative effect on these students if an appropriate and decisive measure isn’t taken. Remember, an idle person is the devil’s workshop. Thus, this is important to build the right child.

The end of the examination period always leaves a long break before the commencement of another academic session often between 5-8 months in between. There would also be a wide gap before the release of their results.

It isn’t always advisable for students to be left idle during this period as the popular saying goes “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.  Leaving them idle at this point could bring in a lot of evil thoughts and make them enter into various nefarious crimes not suitable for their ages.

What to do next after secondary school education without without college or university

Here is a list of some of the things you could do to improve your life after secondary school education

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Learning a trade or skill

The study of a trade should be attempted pupils. A person’s education might be sponsored in large part undertaking activities like baking, interior and/or exterior decoration, catering, computer instruction, and so forth. These jobs (listed above) never end; you can choose to continue with them even after you have finished your university program and found a job.

 Asides from the fact that one gets to equip themselves with some important skills, it could also be a source of income for the person while in school, considering the current realities of Nigeria’s economy often, Allowance from home isn’t enough to cater for one’s needs as a student and the income you get from this skills they learn would also serve as a means of augmenting the parent’s allowance.

Learn a tech skill

In this era of tremendous advancement in technology, it is important regardless of age to acquire at least one technical skill from the plethora of tech skills we have in existence. We have Digital Marketing, Coding, Programming software development, frontend and backend development, and a host of others.

Gaining these skills as a fresh graduate of secondary school would give you an upper edge over your contemporaries and would also earn your more cash as an undergraduate while developing yourself in preparation for the Job market.

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Have an online Job

After your secondary school, find a job where you can maximize your income, a job where extra efforts result in more income, and a job that can last your entire life is what you need. As a student, you don’t need to answer anyone and should work on your terms.

You shouldn’t consider jobs where you are paid a fixed amount as salary or income. This is where online jobs come into play; you may still work from your home or hostel and even add significantly to your bank account while managing whatever you decide to do, whether studying or working.

An example of an Online Job is Freelancing, after you must have gained these skills, you could make more from freelancing. If you have a flair for writing and know that you can write very well, turning it into a money-making venture would not be a bad idea.

Take an online course

Asides from acquiring skills that would fetch you money, it’s only important you do some learning while at home, that’s if you are more interested in earning certifications.

Because you are a secondary school leaver, there might be a lack of funds but not to worry, there are tons of free courses on the internet that one could take. Look up what interests you and register for the course. Having Certifications could help you in the long run.

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Learn how to play a musical instrument or a new language

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. This is a popular saying that means that life isn’t all about seriousness, while you are making the most of your break acquiring skills, you must take a break and learn something fun like a musical instrument or a new language.

These are fun things you can do to whirl away time.  Learning a new language or a musical instrument increases your chance of getting an international Job or being known in the music scene which is now a multimillion naira industry.

Prepare for any more examination

After your secondary school, while piling money into your bank account, be sure to set aside some time to read your books and study for post-UTME or any further exams you will be taking so that you won’t be unprepared when the exam comes around.

  In conclusion, everything in this essay is merely advice; it is up to you to take it or discover a solution that suits your needs. But I do hope that my post will provide guidance and have a positive impact on people’s lives, particularly those of students.

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